Rocky Strike

Rocky StrikeRocky StrikeRocky Strike

Main advantages:

  • Small size for making the most of the available area, the machine can be attached to a wall or stand.
  • High profits especially on holidays, high traffic flow thanks to the short duration of the game (up to 13 games per minute).
  • Low noise level, so it doesn’t bother other customers.
  • Exceptional reliability: the machine has no moving parts.
  • Doesn’t need to be serviced: the machine has no lubricated parts or inflatable chamber.
  • Exceptional durability: a 3-year warranty and lifetime free technical support!
  • One of the least expensive! We produce 100% spare parts of the machines ourselves, which allowed us to reduce the price to the minimum and guarantee the best quality both of the finished product and at each stage of production.  

The machine hasn’t got a payment system. There has to be a person to collect payment. The profit can be calculated by the punch counter.