Rocky Boxer


  • Height210 cm
  • Width70 cm
  • Depth110 cm
  • Weight120 kg
  • Voltage220 V
  • Operation voltage of the machine 12 V
  • Wattage100 W

Settings and options

  • 2 game levels: for men and for women
  • Audio feedback
  • Russian menu
  • Option to connect all types of payment systems (banknote acceptor, coin acceptor, token acceptor etc.)
  • Option to set any price for the game
  • Option to connect additional functional modules (GSM controller etc.)

We provide a 3-year warranty valid starting from the day of purchase on the mechanical and electronical parts of Rocky Boxer machines.

We only offer you what will prove useful for your business. 

We produce entertainment strength testing arcade machines Rocky Boxer. At the moment this machine is enjoying fame and popularity as the king of arcade equipment. It can be used in any kind of environment. It is suitable as for bars, night clubs, entertainment centers, billiard saloons, bowling, shopping centers, hypermarkets as for public parks and outdoors amusement parks. 


The machine is very easy to use: it is enough to punch the punch bag to determine the strength of your punch and the player will be informed about its exact measure. As the machine doesn’t require any special skills, anyone can use it regardless of their age or sex.  This arcade machine is very popular with children and youth. Rocky Boxer can also be used for competitions both at corporate parties and sports events. 

The boxing machine has a simple program menu which doesn’t require any effort for setting it in various operational environments. 

Main settings:

  • Volume adjustment;
  • Difficulty adjustment;
  • Time settings for clearing records and frequency of demo sound;
  • Installment of bonus games (the machine provides an extra game depending on the amount of money paid);
  • Adjustment of the price of the game (10, 20, 30, 40, 50 … 100 rubles);
  • Free-of-charge mode.

All these settings allow you to choose combinations ideal for different locations.

Rocky Boxer is equipped with a special cover for outdoor use to protect it from moisture. Isolated operation, steel frame, fiberglass body all allow Rocky Boxer to remain one of the leaders in the industry, upholding its position by quality and reliability. 

We make the boxing machine from impact resistant materials, the frame is a steel cover which protects all the electrical parts inside the machine. The decorator body is also protected by a cover and made from impact-resistant materials which allows the boxing machine to retain its attractive appearance during long years of operation regardless of moisture or loading level and intensity of use of the machine.

Rocky Boxer gives people the chance to compete and entertain themselves, reducing the adrenaline level and the number of conflict situations in locations where it is installed. 

As the boxing machine is equipped with a spacious note acceptor, it makes its operation even more reliable. Rocky Boxer doesn’t require an operator to be constantly present. So the owner can be sure their money will be safe, and not have to worry about unscrupulous employees. 

We provide a warranty for the boxing machine as well as technical service and help!