About us

We make good things. We put excellent ideas into practice.

The RBatractions Company is the only supplier of Rocky Boxer boxing machines in Russia, produced by our company since 2008. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best quality products at affordable prices.  

Buying a boxing machine and an arcade machine in general is an excellent business idea, promising and easy to realize.  We can help you put your ideas into practice as we mainly specialize in the sales of arcade equipment. Our machines are user friendly and convenient to operate. The correct approach to business in the entertainment sector will help you gain a strong position in business sphere and consequently lead you to expand your business. 

We can provide you with used arcade machines.  We rent them out and also you can buy new arcade machines at an attractive price. If you have decided to start your own business in the entertainment sector, then it is a good idea to buy a boxing machine at a reasonable price to please any starting businessman. Please look at our price list for the arcade machines, buy a machine and open your own business in the entertainment sector.   

The boxing machine has a lot of advantages compared to other arcade equipment. The machine never fails to attract the public’s attention at any kind of event, in a park or a night club. This guarantees you a quick return on your investment.  Rocky Boxer can be installed in any locations for rest and entertainment, and it is quite compact and light which makes it easy to carry and install. A small canopy protecting it against bad weather allows to use the machine not only indoors but also in the open air. A person of any age and either sex can take part in the game – the Rocky Boxer machine offers two game levels – a male and a female one. 

Practice shows that the use of Rocky Boxer in the entertainment sector is very promising and brings stable profit. Boxing machines guarantee autonomy of use – it is only necessary to check the machine once or twice a week.   All the machines are made of durable materials and the electronics are state of the art. All this ensures durability and longevity of the machines.  We provide regular seasonal offers and discounts on Rocky Boxer machines and accessories to our clients. We also sell used machines in good condition that have been serviced. The cost of these used machines is much smaller.